General website improvements

Here we can discuss about website enhancements and you can express your feedback.
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General website improvements

Post by guglielmir » Sun Apr 09, 2017 12:26 pm

Hey guys,
we have experienced some issues with our website. As you can see we are working on it since a couple of weeks.

Right now we have:
  • added a public forum (this :mrgreen: ) (completed)
  • re-designed the lang-bar (it seems like someone didn't understand that website was bilingual) (completed)
  • re-arranged categories and main menu (completed)
  • fixed search problems: it should work now (completed)
  • added the chance to change views. (completed)
  • rearranged the sidebars (completed)
  • rearranged the full article view (completed)
  • rearranged download page (completed)
  • completely rewrite some basic articles (30%)
we have also planned to:
  • rearrange website slider (0%)

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